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50 Essential Vocabulary Sets in 3 Different Sizes -- Use these flashcards for teaching English, Spanish, Chinese or any other second language. The BIG CARDS make it easy to present vocabulary to the whole class. The MID-SIZED CARDS are great for teaching small groups of students. The SMALL SETS OF PICTURES work well for playing language learning games such as Down-Pass or Go Fish. Best of all, they're all FREE! Currently we have 968 total images and 2904 total flashcards. Enjoy!

Free Flashcards & Printables

Actions Flashcards (Set A)
Get your students up and out of their seats with these action flashcards. Great for using in games!

Actions Flashcards (Set B)
Some more action flashcards such as build, drop, scream and more.

Actions Flashcards (Set C)
Even MORE actions flashcards. This set offers more difficult vocabulary.

Adjectives Flashcards (Set A)
18 very simple adjective flashcards. Very easy to understand.

Adjectives Flashcards (Set B)
A more difficult set of adjective flashcards but still easy for your students to understand.


Adjectives Opposites Flashcards
A set of adjective flashcards combining Set A and Set B for comparative purposes.

Alphabet Flashcards (Set A)
Colored uppercase alphabet letters. This set also has most common punctuation.

Alphabet Flashcards (Set B)
This has all the letters of the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase. Easy to print black & white letters.

Animals Flashcards
Some very cute pictures of common animals.

Body Parts Flashcards (Set A)
Quickly teach your students their body parts with these fun and clear flashcards.

Body Parts Flashcards (Set B)
Here are some more body flashcards of other less common body parts than Set A.

Body Parts Flashcards (Set C)
These flashcards are strictly picture of parts of the face and head.

Christmas Flashcards (Christmas Games)
Get all your basic Christmas vocabulary pictures here. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Coloring Pictures Flashcards (Christmas Games)
Make greeting cards, color, decorate your classroom and more with these Christmas coloring pictures.

Clothes Flashcards
Stop bringing your wardrobe to class to show your students. Use these 32 flashcards.

Colors Flashcards (Set A)
12 Easy to identify color flashcards. Great for playing games and learning colors at the same time.

Colors Flashcards (Set B)
Sets of pictures with the same color. Good for practicing plurals and colors.

Daily Activities Flashcards (Set A)
A set of common daily activities for children. Just print and learn!

Daily Activities Flashcards (Set B)
A set of common daily activity flashcards. These daily activity pictures are very easy to understand.

Easter Flashcards (Easter Games)
Easter flashcards for eliciting Easter vocabulary. Also great for explaining Easter activities.

Easter Coloring Pictures Flashcards (Easter Games)
18 different Easter coloring pictures. Great for decorating the classroom and making Easter greeting cards.

Emotions Flashcards (Set A)
Does your face get tired making emotions in class? Teach your students emotions with these cards and save your teaching energy!

Emotions Flashcards (Set B)
These emotion flashcards are good for using with adults as the characters are adults. The level is also a bit higher than the other sets.

Emotions Flashcards (Set C)
These emotion flashcards are great for young learners using animals to portray the emotion. These are most simple of emotions.

Family Flashcards
Teach the family fast. Great flashcards for ESL students to learn family vocabulary.

Food (Plural) Flashcards
Don't bring your lunch to class. Let your students study these cards.

Food (Uncountable) Flashcards
15 uncountable food flashcards. Teach your students non-countables fast!

Halloween Flashcards (Halloween Games)
Teach your students some Halloween vocabulary without acting like your possessed this year! 24 different flashcards.

Health Flashcards (Set A)
A set of health cards with people with injuries, illnesses and other ailments.

Health Flashcards (Set B)
A set of health related objects and people. Great for teaching things you see at the doctors.

Numbers Flashcards
A simple set of bold numbers 0 - 9. Doesn't get any simpler than this!

Occupations and Jobs Flashcards (Set A)
A simple set of job and occupation flashcards. Easy and fun job pictures.

Occupations and Jobs Flashcards (Set B)
More jobs and occupations flashcards. The only job you have is to print these flash cards.

Occupations and Jobs Flashcards (Set C)
Even more jobs and occupations flashcards. Just print and teach. That's your job.

Places Flashcards (Set A)
Use the flashcards to elicit places around town.

Places Flashcards (Set B)
Teach some more obscure places around the town and country.

Prepositions Flashcards
Your students will be learning their prepositions in no time. These 14 cards are easy to identify.

Rooms in a House Flashcards
Pictures of the most common rooms of a house.

School Objects Flashcards
Teach your ESL students all the objects in a classroom. Teach them all 27 items!

Seasons & Weather Flashcards
These flashcards are great for teaching the weather and seasons. There are 18 different weather pictures!

Sports Flashcards
Here is a great list of common sports flashcards. From archery to weight lifting! Print and teach!

Sports Actions Flashcards
Instead of playing all the sports, use these flash cards to teach dozens of sport actions!

Sports Equipment Flashcards
Stop bringing your entire closet to class. Teach all the sports equipment with these easy to identify flashcards.

Sports Vocabulary Flashcards
Here are some sports vocabulary flash cards that didn't fit in the other sports lists.

St. Patrick's Day Flashcards (St. Patrick's Day Games)
Teach all this fun holiday's vocabulary with these flashcards. Kiss me! It's St. Paddy's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pictures Flashcards (St. Patrick's Day Games)
Color some fun St. Paddy's Day coloring pictures. Great to teach St. Patrick's vocabulary.

Thanksgiving Flashcards (Thanksgiving Games)
Hey turkey! What are you waiting for? Gobble these up!

Thanksgiving Coloring Pictures Flashcards (Thanksgiving Games)
Get out your crayons, coloring pictures are here. Just print and color!

Time Flashcards
Stop drawing the time and start teaching it! This set of flashcards includes an analog picture of time for every 15 minutes.

Valentine's Day Flashcards (Valentine's Day Games)
A bunch of Valentine's Day images that you can use to elicit the special things people do on Valentine's Day.

more coming soon...

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