Flashcards with British Spelling

We’ve started making flashcard sets with British English spelling and vocabulary!

Some of the common spelling differences between British and American English include:

  • s versus z as in hand sanitiser (British) and hand sanitizer (American)
  • u versus no u as in colour (British) and color (American)
  • other vowel choices such as grey / gray and pyjamas / pajamas.

Often British English is the preferred spelling in Canada and other commonwealth nations– but not always, that would be way too easy 🙂 For example, here in Canada we spell hand sanitizer with z (yes, I said zed), colour with u, and either pajamas or pyjamas, depending on maybe personal inclination?

Where things can get really funny are when words mean completely different things, as in pants versus pants!

In any case, here are the sets that we’ve made so far with regional variations in spelling and word choice:

Corrections or suggestions for other sets are always welcome!