Action Verbs with Frequency Adverb Prompts

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These flashcards show pictures of common actions or daily activities together with prompts for making sentences with adverbs of frequency.

The 18 verb cards in this set combine flashcards from a few other sets on this site:

  • The first 9 verbs come mainly from Actions Set A and Actions Set C. They are one-word only and don’t need an object.
  • The second group of 9 actions come from Daily Activities Set 2. All these actions are short phrases such as “cook breakfast” or “put on makeup”.

The set contains 36 cards. Each action appears twice, with a different adverb each time. For example, you will find two cards to prompt sentences with the verb “smile”:

  • He always smiles.
  • He sometimes smiles.

Within the whole set, each adverb appears 4 to 6 times. For example, the word “often” appears with these verb cards:

  • run
  • argue
  • scream
  • cook breakfast
  • drink coffee
  • ride a bike

There are a lot of combinations of verbs / adverbs / picture cards and word cards to download from this page. However, if you are looking for cards with adverbs only, check out the Frequency Adverbs Flashcard Set.

Preview of Checklist of verbs

Checklist of verbs

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A list of the 18 verbs in this flashcard set.

Preview of Checklist of verbs + adverbs

Checklist of verbs + adverbs

1 Page

A list of all 36 cards in this set. Each verb card appears twice, with different adverbs.

Action Verbs with Frequency Adverb Prompts Word List

  • always
  • argue
  • cook breakfast
  • cry
  • dance
  • draw
  • drink coffee
  • drive
  • eat breakfast
  • hardly ever
  • never
  • occasionally
  • often
  • put on makeup
  • ride a bike
  • run
  • scream
  • smile
  • sometimes
  • study
  • take a bath
  • take a taxi
  • usually
  • watch TV
  • write letters

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