Action Flashcards – Set A

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A beginner set of 18 action verbs.



Get your students up and out of their seats with these action flashcards!

This is a set of 18 easy verbs suitable for teaching young learners as well as adult beginners. The set includes verbs that you can act out or mime fairly easily, including some classroom language such as point, clap, draw, close.

With younger students, these cards are great for using as prompts for miming games and Total Physical Response activities.

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Word list for Action Flashcards Set A.

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Action Flashcards - Set A Word List

  • clap
  • close
  • cry
  • dance
  • draw
  • fly
  • hop
  • hug
  • jump
  • kiss
  • open
  • play
  • point
  • run
  • sing
  • swim
  • walk
  • write

13 comments for Action Flashcards – Set A

  1. Anne Bennett

    I am an English teacher in Spain. Looking for new resources as teaching aids.

  2. Karen

    Hi Anne,

    Hope you find some useful flashcards here ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Coralie

      Love those flashcards ! My students do as well. Thank you so much !

      • Karen

        You’re welcome!

  3. Sue Gearhart

    Thank you so much … these are so perfect for class!!

    • Karen

      Great! I hope your students enjoy them!

  4. Ruby


  5. Karen

    Glad to hear that, Ruby.

  6. avb

    “DIVE” and then “Draw”….as your word bank has “DRIVE” as in drive a car….

    But overall great cues!!!

    • Karen

      Oopsy! I’ve updated the two printable word lists as well as the list on this page.

      Thanks for catching that!

  7. Christine

    Hi, just wanted to say that your material is FANTASTIC! My son has speech and processing delays, and his SLP assigns homework in between our weekly sessions. The one we are working on now is conversation starters, and these flash cards have been a life saver! So much good stuff all in one place, it’s unbelievable! Thanks for making this available to learners of ALL kinds!

    • Karen

      Hi Christine, thanks for posting! I’m really happy these flashcards have been helpful for your family!

  8. Jennyfer Londoรฑo Suรกrez

    Nice tools for teaching, thanks a lot.

    • Karen

      You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Carol Stanford

    I have recently started teaching English classes on-line in a one-to-one setting. My students are all EL learners from China. These cards are AWESOME for reinforcing the lesson, exposing students to more vocabulary, and just wrapping up a lesson in fun ways! I’ve also used them for assessing a student vocab/reading skills when working with a student that is new to me. Thanks so much. I love these flashcards. Wonderful tool for teachers in various settings.

    • Karen

      Thanks for the feedback! It’s great to hear that you’ve found multiple uses for the cards ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Lamduam

    Thank you so much. It’s very useful for me.

    • Karen


  11. Josias

    I have my doubts about swim, You swim in the water, and there is someone jumping the rope in the picture. I have never used swim for a different action.

    • Karen

      The word list doesn’t line up with the picture cards perfectly– I think you might be looking at the wrong card. There is a card for “jump” and another card for “water ski” which have ropes in them. The card for swim does not have a rope.

  12. Lori

    I am a co-founder of a small private Christian school. Thank you so much for sharing your cards. These are going to be used daily!! God bless you!!!

    • Karen

      You’re welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 5 out of 5



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