Regular Verbs

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These verb flashcards include common verbs your students are likely to know already, plus some vocabulary that might be new.

All of these action words are regular verbs, that is, the past tense is formed by adding d or ed.

This group of words includes examples of all three final pronunciation options, in case your lesson veers in that direction:

  • /d/ as in closed
  • /t/ as in clapped
  • /əd/ as in lifted

NOTE: The cards in this collection are repurposed from the Action Flashcards Set A, B, C, and D and a few other sets on this site. If you’ve printed those out already, just pilfer all your sets to dig out the regular verbs.

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List of words in the Regular Verbs flashcard set.

Regular Verbs Word List

  • bounced
  • carried
  • clapped
  • closed
  • crashed
  • cried
  • danced
  • exercised
  • fished
  • hopped
  • jumped
  • kicked
  • kissed
  • knocked
  • laughed
  • lifted
  • opened
  • played
  • pointed
  • pulled
  • scored
  • shouted
  • skated
  • studied
  • walked
  • washed
  • waved

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