Action Flashcards – Set C

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16 action verbs for building vocabulary.



This is not the first set of verb cards to grab when teaching beginner students. However, this set provides 1- and 2-syllable action words that are useful for building vocabulary.

This flashcard set mixes easy and more difficult verbs for teaching high beginner or intermediate language learners or mixed level classes. These concrete verbs can be acted out or mimed, but a few require that extra bit of context provided by the image.

These verbs all have an intransitive meaning– they do not require an object– although some of the words can make sense both with or without an object. You can find transitive verbs in Actions Set D.

The set contains only three irregular past tense verbs: dive/dove, fight/fought, swim/swam.

This set of verbs pairs well with a lesson on adverbs or when practising 3rd person singular present tense.

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Action Flashcards - Set C Word List

  • argue
  • crawl
  • dive
  • fight
  • fish
  • knock
  • laugh
  • scream
  • shout
  • skate
  • ski
  • skip
  • smile
  • swim
  • wave
  • wrestle

9 comments for Action Flashcards – Set C



    These are great. I am helping a recent asylee, and would like to give these to him.

    If you could also prepare a matching back page with the words and their pronunciations written in IPA, that would be great. At this point I am manually adding these.

  2. Karen

    Hi Ahmet,

    Words were purposely left off so the cards would be more flexible, but providing a word list with IPA is a really good idea. I’ll try to get some created in June!



      Hello Karen,

      You know what actually would work? Another pdf sheet with the words only that match the pictures.

      I am having fun trying to match the words with pictures 🙂 (I am discovering that the words are not necessarily in the same order as pictures are.)

      • Karen

        Does this list work for you?

        [link removed as no longer works]

        • AHMET TOPRAK

          Great! Would it be too much of an imposition to ask for the rest? 🙂

          • Karen

            I’ve started working on it, but it’s going to take a few more days. I’ll add them in batches as they get finished 🙂

            Thanks for the idea!

  3. Karen

    The printable word lists with and without IPA are now ready!

  4. Jessica

    How about CVC patterns ma’am?

  5. Karen

    That’s another good suggestion. I won’t have time to make new cards until later this summer, but I’ll post here if I get the chance to make some. Thanks for posting!

  6. Leonardo Dias

    They are awesome! Keep on the good job! I loved them all!

  7. Rob Lewis

    I just want to say thank you for these. You’ve help me help 100’s of students.

  8. Karen

    That’s nice to hear, thanks!

  9. 5 out of 5


    Loved them

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