Irregular Verbs

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The Irregular Verbs flashcards set brings together vocabulary from other collections on this site. You’ll find both common and less-common verbs here.

As with other sets, you can choose to print small, medium, or large cards.

This set has 5 different variations available for printing:

  • Picture-only cards
  • Pictures labelled with the past tense verb
  • Word-only past tense verb cards
  • Past tense verb cards with IPA notation (phonetic transcription)
  • Past tense verb cards with base verb

After your students have learned both regular and irregular verbs, mix this flashcard set with the Regular Verbs Flashcards to review and test past tense.

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Checklist of Irregular Verb cards in this set.

Irregular Verbs Word List

  • ate
  • blew
  • bought
  • broke
  • caught
  • drew
  • drove
  • flew
  • made
  • ran
  • rode
  • sang
  • shook
  • slid
  • swam
  • threw
  • tore
  • wrote

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