Classroom Objects

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34 flashcards of objects commonly found in classrooms. This set has North American English and British English variations.



Here are some flashcards for teaching the names of common school supplies and objects usually found in classrooms.

The set includes both items that students (should) have in their own school bags as well as items likely to be found on the teacher’s desk only, such as a stapler. You will also find a few vocabulary cards for parts of the classroom, such as light switch and recycling bin.

Since this set includes a few items which a classroom may not have, such as a globe, microscope, or box cutter, you may want to go omit those cards beforehand. Alternatively, go through the entire set together as a class asking “Do we have a ~ ?” You could review prepositions of place at the same time!

Be forewarned: a few of these items are non-count nouns— I’m looking at you glue, tape, paper and scissors!

In this set, there are three regional differences and one fun spelling complication! In addition to the vocabulary words, there’s the question of spelling with “u”.

North American English / British English 

  • board eraser / blackboard duster
  • eraser / rubber
  • trash can / rubbish bin
  • colored pencils / coloured pencils –> see note.

NOTE:  The American English set has a duplicate card: colored pencils (US spelling) and coloured pencils (Canadian spelling). Otherwise, our two vocabularies are the same.

Because of the duplicate card, the British English set has two terms for the same object: coloured pencils and colouring pencils. 

Choose your favo(u)rite, or teach both 🙂




Classroom Objects Word List

  • backpack
  • blackboard
  • board eraser
  • book
  • box cutter
  • cards
  • chair
  • clock
  • coloured pencils
  • crayons
  • desk
  • eraser
  • globe
  • glue
  • light switch
  • marker
  • microscope
  • notebook
  • paper
  • paper clip
  • pen
  • pencil
  • pencil case
  • pencil sharpener
  • recycling bin
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • stickers
  • table
  • tape
  • textbook
  • trash can
  • whiteboard

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  1. Penny

    Thanks! These are great! Could use scissors, trash bin, teacher, student, book bag or backpack, CD player, stamp, stickers, ink pad, table, tape player, clock, computer color pencils, crayons, paper, door, classroom, glue, markers, folder, wall, whiteboard.

    • Karen

      I agree this set could use an update 🙂 That’s a great list, thank you!

    • Karen

      Finally had a chance to update this set. A few of the suggested items (ex. electronics) will be included in new sets, hopefully this summer.

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  3. 5 out of 5


    very good

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