Places in a City

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24 buildings you might see in a town or city. This flashcard set has North American English and British English options.



This set of Places Flashcards depict buildings you see around town or in the city, along with one key item as a hint.

The extra picture in the corner makes the context clear without using words. For example, instead of a B-A-N-K sign, the flashcard uses a picture of money.

Encourage students to use these extra vocabulary words when playing guessing games.

American English / British English

  • apartment building / block of flats
  • gas station / petrol station
  • ice cream shop / ice-cream parlour
  • jewelry store / jewellery store
  • movie theater / movie theatre / cinema –> see note

NOTE: The American English set includes a duplicate card with two variations: the spelling “movie theatre” is preferred in Canada and “movie theater” is used in the US. Since I’m not sure which term Australians and New Zealanders prefer, I added both cinema and movie theatre to the British English set.


Places in a City Word List

  • apartment building / block of flats
  • bakery
  • bank
  • barber shop
  • bus stop
  • church
  • coffee shop
  • concert hall
  • fire station
  • furniture store
  • gas / petrol station
  • gym
  • hospital
  • hotel
  • ice cream shop / parlour
  • jewelry / jewellery store
  • movie theatre / theater
  • night club
  • pet shop
  • pharmacy
  • police station
  • post office
  • restaurant
  • temple

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