Job Titles in British English

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The nine cards in this set are also found in Jobs Set A, Jobs Set B, and Jobs Set C, labelled with the terms more commonly used in North American English.

Instead of making duplicates of each of those rather large collections of occupations, I’ve taken the terms which are different in British English and grouped them into this set.

Here’s the caveat: I’m not British, so I’ve been searching the Collins and other dictionaries to find regional differences. Mistakes and oversights are inevitable, so please let me know what you find 🙂 Thanks!!

For reference, these are the terms as they appear in the other Jobs sets.

British English – American English

  • custodian – janitor
  • delivery driver – delivery person
  • estate agent – real estate agent (realtor)
  • footballer – soccer player
  • minister – preacher
  • optician – optometrist
  • postman – mail carrier
  • refuse collector – waste collector
  • vet – veterinarian

Job Titles in British English Word List

  • custodian
  • delivery driver
  • estate agent
  • footballer
  • minister
  • optician
  • postman
  • refuse collector
  • vet

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