Jobs Flashcards – Set B


18 intermediate jobs and occupation cards.



This is our intermediate Jobs Flashcards set.

This set of jobs flashcards supplements the easy level Jobs Flashcards set. It includes 18 colourful pictures of professionals at work.

The illustrations show both men and women in jobs not always included in ESL vocabulary sets. This set is best for classes that already know some jobs and occupations.

Expand your students’ vocabulary and have fun!

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Jobs Flashcards - Set B Word List

  • actor
  • actress
  • barber
  • butcher
  • cashier
  • coach
  • dancers
  • DJ
  • florist
  • lawyer
  • life guard
  • miner
  • model
  • plumber
  • preacher
  • tailor
  • waitress
  • welder


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