Colours – Set C




Like the flashcards in Colours – Set A, this set of images shows only a simple shape and a single colour: no nouns, no objects, just the target colour presented in a dot shape. However, the colour words in this flashcard set go a little beyond the commonly taught vocabulary of Set A.

If you do want to stick to basic words you’ll find them together on page one of the small set:

  • red, yellow, blue (primary colours)
  • orange, green, purple (secondary colours)
  • black, white and brown (to talk about tints, shades, and… earth?)

Page two offers more ambitious colour vocabulary, including some tertiary colours and tints:

  • pink, lime, sky blue
  • amber, teal, indigo
  • grey, peach and tan

Although the words light and dark are not printed in the word cards or labels, you could teach “light blue”, “light brown” and “dark purple”, instead of sky blue, tan, and indigo. You could also go with “yellow green” instead of lime, “yellow orange” instead of amber, and “blue green” instead of teal, if those were the words in your childhood Crayola crayon set 🙂

One more thing: these 18 colours match up exactly with the Shapes flashcards.

Regional Spellings

Like Set A, Colours – Set B and a few other sets on this site, you can choose to download the word cards and images with labels for Colours Set C in either American English or British English spelling variations.

  • The American English word cards have two spelling variations: color, gray.
  • The British English option features the preferred spellings grey and colour.
  • Both gray and grey are acceptable spellings in Canada, but color is not.

Colours - Set C Word List

  • amber
  • black
  • blue
  • brown
  • green
  • grey/gray
  • indigo
  • lime
  • orange
  • peach
  • pink
  • purple
  • red
  • sky blue
  • tan
  • teal
  • white
  • yellow


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