Alphabet Sounds


Alphabet cards with a simple icon to illustrate the sound of each letter. Four card variations: picture + letters, picture + word (mostly CVC), picture only and word only.



This alphabet set has one picture per letter card to represent the sound of that letter.

The pictures are simple, bold, black and white icons sourced from the Noun Project.

All the pictures illustrate phonics words that new readers can decode. The words all have short vowel sounds. Most are CVC words, except the following:

  • egg
  • ink
  • oven
  • quilt
  • up

Another exception is the word for x, box, which represents the final sound, not the initial sound as in the rest of the set.


Preview of Checklist


256 KB 1 Page

Same checklist for all sets.

Preview of Images only, Medium

Images only, Medium

3 MB 13 Pages

Preview of Images only, Large

Images only, Large

6 MB 26 Pages

Preview of Word cards, Small

Word cards, Small

720 KB 3 Pages

Preview of Word cards, Medium

Word cards, Medium

2 MB 13 Pages

Preview of Word cards, Large

Word cards, Large

4 MB 26 Pages

Alphabet Sounds Word List

  • ant
  • box
  • bus
  • cat
  • dog
  • egg
  • fan
  • gum
  • hat
  • ink
  • jet
  • kid
  • leg
  • man
  • nut
  • oven
  • pan
  • quilt
  • run
  • sun
  • tap
  • up
  • van
  • web
  • yak
  • zip


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