Example of a medium sized "Months of the Year" flashcard.

Days of the Week AND Months of the Year Flashcard Sets

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What’s Included

  • Months of the Year flashcards in 3 sizes
  • Days of the Week colour flashcards in 3 sizes
  • Days of the Week black and white flashcards in 3 sizes
  • Total PDF Files: 11
  • Total Printable Pages: 52

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Months of the Year Card Set

This set contains 12 flashcards for practice reading the names of the months of the year. The files include the same 12 cards in three different sizes:

  • Large size set: one month per page (12 full-page cards)
  • Medium size set: two months per page (6 pages)
  • Small size set: nine months per page (2 pages)

These cards use a super bright colour palette that matches the Days of the Week flashcard set (included).

The cards do not have illustrations– a picture of snow for January doesn’t make sense when teaching English in Costa Rica!

Instead of pictures, we’ve highlighted the corresponding number of the month. For example, January – 1, February – 2, March – 3, and so on.

That said, if you print the large or medium-sized sets, the little space around the word allows students to add small drawings of a holiday or special event. This means you can keep the cues locally relevant, depending on where in the world you are teaching. 🙂

Days of the Week Card Set

ESL kindergarten class often starts with routine questions like “What day is it today?” and “How’s the weather?” These colourful cards are perfect for practising the days of the week first thing in the morning. Young learners will like the bold lettering and simple design.

This set includes 9 cards:

  • Seven days of the week word cards
  • One title card (“Days of the Week”)
  • One sentence prompt card (“Today is…”)

The Days of the Week cards come in two styles:

  • Full colour: each day has a crayon-bright background colour the title and prompt cards have rainbow backgrounds
  • Black and white: the outline font allows you to use this set as a worksheet for drawing or colouring activities.

These cards also come 3 sizes:

  • Large (full-page)
  • Medium (half-page)
  • Small (9 cards per page)

*A checklist of the cards is also included, in colour and in black and white.

Printing Tips

If you’re going to use these cards as part of your everyday question routine, print the large or medium sized coloured card set onto heavier paper. Laminating will make them even more durable.

💡 These cards also make nice wall posters.

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