Cursive Alphabet




I’m not sure how many teachers are still teaching cursive, but I know that I loved practising cursive handwriting as a kid. This alphabet set is for people like me in the yes camp of the “great cursive debate“!

The font I used is called School House Cursive B, and it’s so fun! Each letter has directional arrows to indicate how to move your pencil (or pen, or quill!). The letters that require more than one stroke have numbers to indicate stroke order.

This set includes two letters, uppercase and lowercase, on the same card. The one exception: M m. Big M and little m were too wide to fit together, so they appear on separate cards. That is why this alphabet has 27 cards, but not 27 letters.

This alphabet set has three download options:

  • Cursive letters only
  • Cursive letters labelled with their print letterforms below
  • Separate print letters for making double-sided cards (cursive on one side, printing on the reverse)

Hope you enjoy!


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