Serif Alphabet

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These easy-to-read serif alphabet flashcards are for people who would like to teach letters that look less “primary”.

Serifs, the little feet sticking out from the letters’ edges, are a legacy of the stone-cut words of ages past. Although we don’t expect anyone to write serif letter forms, students will meet serif fonts while reading. Printed material, including children’s storybooks, often use serif fonts. If students are more comfortable reading fonts they have seen before, then familiarizing students with serif letters will be helpful for young learners who are beginning to read independently.

You may also prefer to start with a serif alphabet when teaching young adult or adult ESL learners, simply because it looks more mature.

This alphabet set also includes the two-storey forms of the letters a and g.  In the other alphabet flashcard sets as well as phonics cards on this site, I have avoided double-storey letter forms, but here they are.

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