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This set of flashcards has 52 words total, each word having its own picture card, making 26 pairs of cards for teaching homophones.

Homophones are those tricky words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings (ex. bare  – bear) — the kind of words that can make written communication difficult and frustrating or just quite funny, depending how the sentence goes.

The images in these cards are simple icons from The Noun Project. Because the pictures are in black and white, students may want to add matching colours onto the cards to help them memorize the pairs, especially if the vocabulary is new.

Download options for this set include:

  • cards with images only,
  • cards with words only,
  • cards with images and spelling.

Any of these variations on their own can be used for game of Concentration (also called Memory or Pelmanism). Depending the age and size or your group, maybe don’t use all 52 cards at once 🙂

Divvying up the card pairs for students to make example sentence posters for the classroom wall might make an amusing writing activity. Ex. The bare tree has no leaves. The bare bear has no fur.

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A list of 26 homophone word pairs (52 vocabulary words total).


bare, bear, board, bored, brake, break, buy, bye, close, clothes, eye, I, fair, fare, flour, flower, hair, hare, hear, here, hole, whole, knight, night, mail, male, meat, meet, one, won, pair, pear, plain, plane, sail, sale, sea, see, son, sun, toe, tow, wait, weight, weak, week, wear, where, ring, wring, right, write

Homophones Word List

  • bare
  • bear
  • board
  • bored
  • brake
  • break
  • buy
  • bye
  • close
  • clothes
  • eye
  • fair
  • fare
  • flour
  • flower
  • hair
  • hare
  • hear
  • here
  • hole
  • i
  • knight
  • mail
  • male
  • meat
  • meet
  • night
  • one
  • pair
  • pear
  • plain
  • plane
  • right
  • ring
  • sail
  • sale
  • sea
  • see
  • son
  • sun
  • toe
  • tow
  • wait
  • weak
  • wear
  • week
  • weight
  • where
  • whole
  • won
  • wring
  • write

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