Days of the Week

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Rainbow-coloured days of the week flashcards! You can also print the black and white outline version for DIY colouring.



Brighten up your classroom with these rainbow-coloured days of the week flashcards!

ESL kindergarten class often starts with routine questions like “What day is it today?” and “How’s the weather?” These colourful cards are perfect for practicing the days of the week first thing in the morning. Young learners will like the bold lettering and simple design.

This set includes the seven days of the week word cards, each with a different crayon-bright background colour.

As well, I’ve added two additional cards: one title card, plus a “Today is…” card, both with a rainbow backgrounds.

The set is also available in an outline font option, which prints in black and white. Students can colour these cards themselves or, if used as worksheets, draw activities associated with each day of the week.


If you’re going to use these cards as part of your everyday question routine, print the large or medium sized coloured card set onto heavy stock paper. Laminating will make them even more durable.

These cards also make nice wall posters.

Days of the Week Word List

  • days of the week
  • Friday
  • Monday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Thursdays
  • today is
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

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