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Here are two different styles of printable cards to choose from:

  • Animal themed cards that are one-sided and flat like postcards (8 designs)
  • Foldable cards with a variety of Valentine imagery like candy, hearts, and roses (5 designs)

Both styles are super sweet.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to practice writing with your ESL classes. There is enough space on each of these valentines for students to fit a short message to a friend or classmate. With young students you may want to focus on copying their friends’ names or simply writing “I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD” and colouring the letters.

A Few Tips:

  • Print cards onto pale pink, purple, or other coloured paper.
  • Print onto card stock or cover stock to create more durable greeting cards.
  • Let students decorate with stickers or heart-shaped stamps AFTER they write their message 😉
Preview of Postcard Style

Postcard Style

2 Pages

8 different animal cards. 4 cards per page.

This set features adorable little creatures surrounded by hearts. Each card says "Happy Valentine's Day" in an outline font. Kids can colour the letters and write a short message.

Cards are flat like postcards, no verso. Just print and cut.


bird, dog, fish, lion, mouse, tiger, turtle, whale

Preview of Foldable


5 Pages

5 foldable card designs in one PDF.

Each card says "Happy Valentine's Day". Three card styles use cursive fonts, two have an outline font.

One card prints per page. Just fold along the dotted lines to create a card which stands up. The last square has space for writing a special Valentine’s Day message.


teddy bear, bouquet, candy, roses, hearts

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    Thanks so much for the daily activities, sports and Valentines day cards and flashcards. So very helpful to me in my EFL teaching!

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    You’re very welcome!!

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