Action Flashcards – Set D

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16 action verbs for building vocabulary.




The action words in this set, being transitive verbs, require an object. That’s because “transitive verbs need to transfer their action to something or someone“. The meaning just doesn’t sound complete without a few more words to answer, for example, The dog bit what? or whom?

That said, some of these words have other meanings where they can make sense without an object.

Pair these verbs with a stack of noun flashcards, then draw one card from each stack to make silly sentences. Or use these cards to practice past tense question forms: What did the dog bite? –> The dog bit the man’s pants.

Ten of the verbs in this set have irregular past tense forms:

  • bite/bit
  • build/built
  • buy/bought
  • dig/dug
  • drive/drove
  • hide/hid
  • ride/rode
  • shake/shook
  • tear/tore
  • write/wrote

The set does not include past tense word cards.

Action Flashcards - Set D Word List

  • bite
  • bounce
  • build
  • buy
  • crash
  • dig
  • drive
  • hide
  • lift
  • measure
  • pick up
  • ride
  • shake
  • steal
  • tear
  • write

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    Excellent tools for teaching verbs, thanks a lot

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