Ordinal Numbers

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This set of cards includes ordinals from 1st to 31st, plus four spare suffix-only cards: st, nd, rd, and th.

The suffixes are colour-coded:

  • the st suffix is always blue, so 1st, 21st, and 31st match;
  • 2nd and 22nd end in red;
  • 3rd and 23rd are purple;
  • all the th numbers are green.

The font is a simple and clean handwriting font. As with other flashcard sets, the word cards are in grey scale and appear in reverse order so they can more easily print on the verso when making cards for self-study.

And as you may have guessed, the numbers in this set end with 31st because the intention was for the ordinal number to be paired with Months of the Year and Days of the Week flashcards for practice with dates. However, if you want to practice lining up in alphabetical order, shortest to tallest, youngest to oldest, or otherwise assigning rank to the students in your class and you have more than 31 students, heaven help you, you’ll have to make additional cards.

Ordinal Numbers Word List

  • eighteenth
  • eighth
  • eleventh
  • fifteenth
  • fifth
  • first
  • fourteenth
  • fourth
  • nineteenth
  • ninth
  • second
  • seventeenth
  • seventh
  • sixteenth
  • sixth
  • tenth
  • third
  • thirteenth
  • thirtieth
  • thirty-first
  • twelfth
  • twentieth
  • twenty-eighth
  • twenty-fifth
  • twenty-first
  • twenty-fourth
  • twenty-ninth
  • twenty-second
  • twenty-seventh
  • twenty-sixth
  • twenty-third

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