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Print 18 picture cards for teaching irregular past tense verbs. The Irregular Verbs Flashcards set brings together vocabulary from other collections on this site. You’ll find both common and lesser-known verbs here, so if

After your students have learned both regular and irregular verbs, mix this flashcard set with the Regular Verbs Flashcards to review and test past tense.

Play “Go Fish!” With Regular and Irregular Verbs Flashcards

This card game is best played in small groups of 3-6 players. Students must know both regular and irregular past tense form.

OBJECT: The object of the game is to collect the most pairs of matching cards (and to practice past tense questions, answers, and statements).

  1. Make 2 or 4 copies of the small flashcards sets for both Regular and Irregular Verbs.
  2. Shuffle and give out 4 or 5 cards to each student.
  3. Put the remaining cards face down all over the table.
  4. Don’t let students show their cards.
  5. The first player asks one person in the group one past tense question. The question must match one of the cards in the player’s hand. For example: Sarah, did you eat dinner last night? 
  6. If Sarah has the “ate dinner” card, she must reply “Yes. I ate dinner last night.” and give the card to Player One.
  7. If Sarah doesn’t have the “ate dinner” card, she must reply “No, I didn’t eat dinner last night”. Player One must pick a card from the table (“go fish”).
  8. Play continues around the circle until: A) all cards are used up, or B) the first person collects X number of matching pairs, or C) time is over.

Have fun! 🙂

Download Irregular Verbs Word List

Set of 18 Cards:

  • ate dinner
  • blew my nose
  • bought
  • broke
  • caught
  • drew
  • drove
  • flew
  • made lunch
  • ran
  • rode
  • sang
  • shook
  • slid
  • swam
  • threw
  • tore
  • wrote

Download Irregular Verbs Flashcards


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