Health Flashcards


24 medical related objects and people.



This health vocabulary collection is great for teaching the words for the things you see when you visit the doctor’s office or hospital.

The set of 24 pictures contains 21 objects and as well three people (nurse, doctor, surgeon).

Some of the vocabulary here is more difficult, or less commonly taught. Use these cards to supplement the Injuries and Illnesses flashcards if you have a mixed level or quick-learning class.

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Health Flashcards Word List

  • ambulance
  • bandages
  • cast
  • crutches
  • doctor
  • dressing
  • eye chart
  • first aid kit
  • hand sanitizer
  • hospital
  • mask
  • medicine
  • nurse
  • pills
  • scale
  • splint
  • stretcher
  • surgeon
  • syringe
  • syrup
  • thermometer
  • vitamins
  • wheelchair
  • X-ray


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