COVID-19 Hygiene Flashcards

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The nine short phrases in this set are the basic instructions for practising good hygiene provided by national health organizations.

The “Regional Spelling” option offers a choice between British and American English. This affects only one phrase on the labels and word cards:

  • British English: Use hand sanitiser.
  • American English: Use hand sanitizer.

All the other text and all the image cards are exactly the same.

I put together the flashcards in this set with images from the Noun Project, a really wonderful source of icons to illustrate information. Many health organizations use similar icons, so the style should be familiar to most students.

If you’re looking for more printable resources, government websites are a great source of teaching materials:

Australia’s Department of Health

Government of Canada and provincial health departments

US Center for Disease Control

COVID-19 Hygiene Flashcards Word List

  • avoid crowds
  • clean high-touch objects
  • cover your cough
  • don't touch your face
  • stay apart
  • stay home
  • use hand sanitizer
  • wash your hands
  • wear a mask

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