Animal Valentine’s Day Cards

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Here are 8 super cute animal Valentine’s Day cards, ready for you to print! This set of animal valentine cards features adorable little creatures surrounded by hearts.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to practice writing with your ESL classes. There is enough space on each of these cards for students to fit a short message to a friend or classmate.

With young students you may want to focus on copying their friends’ names or simply writing “I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD” and colouring the letters 🙂


  • Print cards onto pale pink, purple, or other coloured paper.
  • Print onto card stock to create more durable greeting cards.
  • Let students decorate with stickers or heart-shaped stamps AFTER they write their message.


NOTE: This set of valentines prints 4 cards per page on 2 pages.

Set of 8 Cards:

  • bird
  • dog
  • fish
  • lion
  • mouse
  • tiger
  • turtle
  • whale

Download Animal Valentine’s Day Cards

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