Sports Equipment

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27 bright pictures of a variety of sports gear.



Use the Sports Equipment Flashcards set to supplement the Sports Flashcards set (names of sports) and the set of action verbs used in sports.

For intermediate level classes, combine all three sports sets and have students group words together (baseball + bat + uniform + cleats + swing + catch). Students could then write mini compositions about their favourite sport.

With more advanced classes, students can try using the equipment vocabulary to invent their own sport or game. Be creative!

NOTE: Some cards show multiple items in a single picture, so the vocabulary list does not match up exactly with the number of cards in the set.

Sports Equipment Word List

  • badminton birdie
  • ball
  • baseball bat
  • bow and arrow
  • bowling ball
  • bowling pins
  • cleats
  • goggles
  • golf clubs
  • helmet
  • hockey stick
  • ice skates
  • inline skate
  • mask
  • mitt
  • net
  • paddle
  • pads
  • puck
  • racket
  • saddle
  • ski boots
  • snorkel
  • stopwatch
  • swords
  • tees
  • uniform
  • volleyball
  • weights
  • wetsuit

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