Initial Consonant Blends

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These phonics word cards will help you teach spelling, listening and pronunciation of blend families. You can use these cards with adult ESL students as well as young learners.

These are text-only cards, no pictures.

Almost all the words in these sets have short vowel sounds. I’ve tried to list one short a, short e, short i, short o, and short u word for each initial blend… Let’s just say that some blend families were easier than others.

Most words in the initial consonant blend sets follow the CCVC pattern (consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant). However, a small number of 5-letter words are included, too, which end with a final consonant blend making them CCVCC pattern words.

Unless your students have an uncanny ability to learn themeless lists of words related only by shared letter sounds, do not use these word sets primarily to teach vocabulary. Better, use them to help your students pronounce English sounds correctly and boost their confidence when speaking in class!

Phonics cards work well with quick listening and speaking activities and as warm up exercises.

Preview of Word cards, Set 1 - L-blends

Word cards, Set 1 - L-blends

4 Pages

35 cards, including word cards and blend cards. L-blends included: bl-, cl-, gl-, fl-, pl-, sl-


BL-, black, blend, blink, blob, bluff, CL-, clap, click, clog, club, GL-, glad, Glen, glob, glove, glum, FL-, flag, fleck, flip, flock, flub, PL-, plan, plink, plop, plot, plum, SL-, slap, sled, slip, slot, slug

Preview of Word cards, Set 2 - R-blends

Word cards, Set 2 - R-blends

5 Pages

44 cards. Includes word and blend cards. Blends: br-, cr-, dr-, fr-, gr-, pr-, tr-


BR-, brag, Brent, brick, broth, brush, CR-, crab, crest, crib, crow, crust, cry, DR-, drag, dress, drip, drop, drum, dry, FR-, Frank, Fred, frost, frog, fry, GR-, grab, Greg, grin, grow, grub, PR-, pram, press, print, prod, prune, TR-, trap, Trent, trip, trot, truck

Preview of Word cards, Set 3 - S-blends

Word cards, Set 3 - S-blends

4 Pages

36 cards. Includes word and blend cards. Blends: sc-, sl-, sk-, sn-, sp-, st-


SC-, scab, scan, Scott, scum, scuff, SL-, slap, sled, slid, slop, slug, SK-, skid, skin, skip, skit, skunk, SN-, snag, snake, snip, snot, snug, SP-, Spain, spat, spin, spill, spend, ST-, stand, star, stem, stop, stump

Preview of Word cards, Set 4 - W-blends

Word cards, Set 4 - W-blends

2 Pages

18 cards. Includes word and blend cards. Blends: sw- and tw-


SW-, sway, swam, swarm, swept, sweet, swim, swing, swirl, swish, swung, TW-, tweet, twice, twig, twin, twist, twitter

Preview of Word cards, Set 5 - QU and SQU

Word cards, Set 5 - QU and SQU

3 Pages

27 cards. Include word and blend cards. Blends: qu- and squ-


SQU, squad, squat, squash, squeak, squeeze, squid, squint, squirm, squish, QU, quack, quake, quail, quest, queen, quick, quiet, Quinn, quill, quilt, quip, quirk, quit, quite, quiz, quote

Preview of Word cards, Set 6 - 3-letter blends

Word cards, Set 6 - 3-letter blends

4 Pages

35 cards. Includes word and blend cards. Blends include: scr-, spl-, spr- and str-


SCR-, scram, scrape, scratch, screen, scribble, script, scroll, scrub, scruffy, scrunch, SPL-, splash, splat, splint, splinter, split, SPR-, sprain, spray, sprig, spring, sprinkle, sprite, spruce, sprout, spritz, STR-, strap, stress, string, strong, stroll, strum, strut

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