Easter Coloring Pictures

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18 Easter coloring pictures in black and white for easy printing. Great for decorating the classroom and making Easter greeting cards.

This set features several different Easter bunnies. Print a few copies of the full set and let students choose their favorite picture!

Writing Activities with Easter Coloring Pictures

Greeting Cards

Easter is a nice opportunity to teach letter writing skills. The small size Easter coloring pictures are great for making greeting cards.

  1. Pass greeting cards from Easters past around the class.
  2. Teach or review greetings and salutations.
  3. Practice writing the date in English.
  4. Write a few sample sentences showing students how to express good wishes to friends and family.
  5. Distribute writing materials and let students get to work!

Materials needed: One or two printouts of the small set of Easter coloring pictures (precut), strong colored paper, glue, pencil crayons, envelopes, sample Easter cards (if possible). Don’t forget to bring Easter candy 🙂

Easter Posters

Use the large size Easter pictures for decorating the classroom.

  1. Brainstorm positive adjectives such as happy, beautiful, joyful, wonderful, happy, lovely, fun.
  2. Teach the sentence stems: “I hope you have ~” and the shorter version “Have a ~”.
  3. Complete a few examples as a class: “I hope you have a wonderful Easter.” “Have a warm and lovely Easter weekend!”
  4. Let each student choose one of the large Easter coloring pictures.
  5. Have each student write an original Easter message on their page.
  6. Display the posters around the classroom!

Tip: Reduce coloring time and maximize English writing time by copying the Easter coloring pictures onto colored paper. Pale pink, yellow, green, and purple look nice.

Set of 6 Cards:

  • Easter basket
  • Easter bunnies
  • Easter bunny
  • Easter duck
  • Easter egg
  • painting Easter eggs

Download Easter Coloring Pictures

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