Consonant Digraphs

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Help your students achieve the next level of reading skills by teaching them these common letter pairs after they’ve mastered single letter sounds!

What is a digraph? A digraph is a combination of two letters that spell one sound. Two-letter blends, by contrast, have two distinct letter sounds.

These sets are all consonants digraphs (except TCH, which is technically a trigraph).

If you are teaching digraphs with vowels (ay, oa…), take a look at the Long Vowels Sounds word sets, too.

Preview of Checklist, CH

Checklist, CH

1 Page

Word list for the CH word set.

Preview of Word cards, CH

Word cards, CH

3 Pages

27 cards.
This set contains words with initial or final /ch/ sound and short vowels.


CH, chaff, champ, chat, check, chess, chest, chick, children, chimp, chin, chip, chop, chug, chunk, bench, bunch, drench, finch, hunch, lunch, much, munch, pinch, punch, rich, such

Preview of Checklist, CK

Checklist, CK

1 Page

Word list for the CK word set.

Preview of Word cards, CK

Word cards, CK

3 Pages

25 cards.
This set has 4- and 5-letter words with the final /k/ sound, spelled -ck, and short vowels. This set includes some blends.


-CK, back, Jack, deck, neck, lock, dock, Rick, tick, muck, yuck, black, snack, check, wreck, thick, trick, block, clock, cluck, truck

Preview of Checklist, KN

Checklist, KN

1 Page

Word list for the KN word set.

Preview of Word cards, KN

Word cards, KN

1 Page

9 cards.
This small set has 4- and 5-letter words with the initial /n/ sound spelled "kn", along with short and long vowel sounds.


KN, knee, knew, knit, know, knot, kneel, knife, knock, knight

Preview of Checklist, PH

Checklist, PH

1 Page

Word list for the PH word set.

Preview of Word cards, PH

Word cards, PH

2 Pages

15 cards.
These words contain the initial, middle, or final /f/ sound spelled "ph" with long and short vowels.


PH, aphid, gopher, graph, hyphen, Joseph, nephew, orphan, phase, phew, phone, phrase, photo, Ralph, sphere

Preview of Checklist, SH

Checklist, SH

1 Page

Word list for the SH word set.

Preview of Word cards, SH

Word cards, SH

3 Pages

26 cards.
These words have the /sh/ sound in the beginning or final position, with short vowels.


SH, shack, shed, shell, shelf, ship, shift, shock, shop, shot, shred, shunt, shut, bash, brush, cash, dash, dish, fish, flash, flush, lash, mash, rash, splash, smash, smush, wash, wish

Preview of Checklist, TCH

Checklist, TCH

1 Page

Word list for the TCH word set.

Preview of Word cards, TCH

Word cards, TCH

2 Pages

17 cards.
Words in this set have the final /ch/ sound spelled with the trigraph: TCH. One exception: TCH does make an appearance in the middle of ketchup!


TCH, batch, catch, hatch, patch, match, watch, itch, pitch, witch, switch, etch, ketchup, botch, blotch, notch, Dutch, clutch, crutch

Preview of Checklist, TH - voiced

Checklist, TH - voiced

1 Page

Word list for the voiced TH card set.

Preview of Word cards, TH - voiced

Word cards, TH - voiced

2 Pages

12 cards. Words containing the voiced "th" sound.

NOTE: Voiced and voiceless TH sets have different colour borders, for easy sorting.


TH, that, than, them, then, this, bother, gather, slither

Preview of Checklist, TH - voiceless

Checklist, TH - voiceless

1 Page

Word list for voiceless TH word set.

Preview of Word cards, TH - voiceless

Word cards, TH - voiceless

2 Pages

14 cards.
Words containing initial and final voiceless /th/ sound.

NOTE: Voiced and voiceless TH sets have different colour borders, for easy sorting.


TH, thank, thick, thin, thing, think, thud, three, bath, cloth, moth, math, path, tenth

Preview of Checklist, WH

Checklist, WH

1 Page

Word list for the WH word set.

Preview of Word cards, WH

Word cards, WH

2 Pages

15 cards.
Initial /w/ sound with 1- and 2-syllable words. Short and long vowel sounds are included.


WH, wham, wheat, when, wheel, where, which, whimper, whip, whisper, whisk, whisker, while, white, why

Preview of Checklist, WR

Checklist, WR

1 Page

Word list for the WR word set.

Preview of Word cards, WR

Word cards, WR

2 Pages

17 cards.
Initial /r/ sound (with the exception of rewrite), spelled "wr". Includes 1- and 2-syllable words with long and short vowels.


WR, wrap, wren, wrath, wreck, write, wrote, unwrap, wrench, wrist, wrong, rewrite, wrapper, wreathe, wrestle, wrinkle, written

Preview of Checklist, Double Letters

Checklist, Double Letters

1 Page

Word list for double letters word sets.

Preview of Word cards, Double Letters

Word cards, Double Letters

6 Pages

49 cards. Includes words and double consonant cards.
4-, 5-, and 6-letter words with short vowels sounds and some blends.
Double letters: -ff, -ll, -ss, -zz


FF, cliff, cuff, fluff, off, puffy, sniff, taffy, muffin, LL, bell, sell, tell, chill, pill, spill, still, doll, dull, jelly, scull, silly, Sally, SS, boss, class, dress, fuss, chess, floss, glass, glossy, messy, ZZ, buzz, fizz, fizzy, frizz, frizzy, fuzz, fuzzy, jazz, pizza, puzzle

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