Places in Town Flashcards

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These places in town flashcards depict common buildings you see around town or in the city, along with one key item.

The extra picture in the corner makes the context clear without using words. For example, instead of a B-A-N-K sign on a generic looking building, the flashcard uses a picture of money. Encourage students to use these extra vocabulary words when playing guessing games.

Set of 24 Cards:

  • apartment
  • bakery
  • bank
  • barber shop
  • bus stop
  • church
  • cinema
  • coffee shop
  • concert hall
  • fire station
  • furniture store
  • gas station
  • gym
  • hospital
  • hotel
  • ice cream shop
  • jewelry store
  • night club
  • pet store
  • pharmacy
  • police station
  • post office
  • restaurant
  • temple

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