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This is a big set of places flashcards. The set of 30 pictures includes places in the city as well as places in the country.

Use these cards when teaching a traditional lesson on Where did you go for summer vacation? or Where would you like to go?

For younger students, you can sort the cards into “city” and “country” places and then ask students which is their favorite.

For classes who know the comparative form, use these places flashcards to debate what place is better for vacation. For example, tape “desert” and “snowhill” flashcards to the board and have students generate comparative sentences. Take notes beneath: The desert is… warmer, drier, more beautiful. The snowhill is… colder, more fun, etc. The place with the most positive sentences wins.


Set of 29 Cards:

  • airport
  • backyard
  • beach
  • bus stop
  • campground
  • cave
  • cinema
  • circus
  • city
  • desert
  • dump
  • farm
  • forest
  • ice rink
  • igloo
  • island
  • mountain
  • park
  • playground
  • school
  • sea
  • sidewalk
  • snowhill
  • stadium
  • street
  • supermarket
  • swimming pool
  • toy store
  • zoo

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