More Vowel Sounds

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OY-OW-AW! Teaching the 10 short and long vowels sounds isn’t quite enough! English has 19 vowel sounds, my friends. You need diphthongs and OOs, and here they are!

These 100 printable phonics word cards will help your students practice 5 more vowel sounds beyond your basic A, E, I, O, U.

The cards are divided into six sets. You will have to download each set separately using the big blue buttons below.

Set 1 – AU, AW, AL

  • 23 words
  • 3-page PDF

Word list:
AU: August, auto, fault, haunt, Paul, laundry, sauce
AW: jaw, paw, saw, law, claw, flaw, yawn, awful, straw, crawl
AL: all, fall, small, talk, walk, chalk

Download AU, AW, AL Cards

Set 2 – OU, OW

  • 33 words
  • 4-page PDF

Word list:
OU: out, our, loud, hour, sour, noun, cloud, count, found, house, mouse, mouth, proud, sound, blouse, crouch
OW: bow, cow, how, now, owl, vow, wow, brow, gown, brown, clown, crown, crowd, frown, browse, shower, powder

Download OW, OU Cards

Set 3 – OI, OY

  • 21 words
  • 3-page PDF

Word list:
OY: boy, joy, toy, soy, Roy, Troy, enjoy, annoy, royal, destroy
OI: boil, coin, join, foil, soil, moist, noisy, point, spoil, toilet, voice

Download OY, OI Cards

Set 4 – Long OO

  • 15 words
  • 2-page PDF
  • double line border to distinguish from short oo words

Word list:
boot, food, hoop, hoot, loop, moon, noon, roof, root, shoot, smooth, soon, spoon, tooth, zoo

Download Long OO Cards 1

Set 5 – Long OO 2 – Featuring U_E, UE, EW

  • 14 words
  • 2-page PDF
  • double line border to distinguish from long u cards

Word list:
UE: clue, blue, glue, Sue, true
U_E: June, rude, rule, flute
EW: brew, chew, flew, grew, stew

Download Long OO Cards 2

Set 6 – Short OO

  • 12 words
  • 2-page PDF

Word list:
book, brook, cook, foot, good, hook, hood, look, shook, stood, took, wood

Download Short OO Cards


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