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That would be bl- cl- gl- fl- pl- sl- br- cr- dr- fr- gr- pr- tr- AND sc- sk- sl- sn- sp- squ- st- -ft -ld -lf -lp -lt -mp -nd -ng -nk -nt -pt -sk -sp -st AND -xt!

Download and print eight free sets of phonics cards to practice reading consonant blends. These phonics word cards will help you teach spelling, listening and pronunciation of blend families. You can use these cards with adult ESL students as well as young learners. Phonics cards work well in warm up exercises and with quick listening and speaking activities.

These are text-only cards, no pictures. Unless your students have an uncanny ability to learn themeless lists of words related only by shared letter sounds, do not use these word sets primarily to teach vocabulary. Better, use them to help your students pronounce English sounds correctly and boost their confidence when speaking in class!

Overview of Consonant Blends Sets

Almost all the words in these sets have short vowel sounds. I’ve tried to list one short ashort e, short i, short o, and short u word for each set. Let’s just say that some blend families were easier than others.

Initial Blend Sets

You’ll find 4 different sets of initial blends, grouped by family. Most words in the initial consonant blend sets follow the CCVC pattern (consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant). However, a small number of 5-letter words are included, too, which end with a final consonant blend making them CCVCC pattern words.

Final Blend Sets

Sticking with short vowel sounds, the final blend sets are mainly CVCC pattern words with a small number of 5- and 6-letter words snuck in.

Words ending with -ng and -nk are so plentiful that they have full sets to themselves. The final final blend set (ha-ha) is a mixture of 13 other endings.

Set 1 – Initial Consonant Blends with L

  • 4 page PDF
  • 6 blend cards: bl- cl- gl- fl- pl- and sl- 
  • 30 word cards:
    • blab, bled, blip, blog, bluff,
    • clap, clef, clip, cloth, club,
    • glad, Glen, glib, glob, glum,
    • flag, fled, flip, flock, flub,
    • plan, pleb, plink, plop, plum,
    • slap, sled, slip, slob, slug.

Download L-Blends

Set 2 – Initial Consonant Blends with R

  • 5 page PDF
  • 7 blend cards: br- cr- dr- fr- gr- pr- and tr-
  • 34 word cards:
    • Brad, Brent, brim, broth, brush,
    • crab, crest, crib, crop, crud,
    • drag, dress, drip, drop, drum,
    • Frank, Fred, frill, frog, frump,
    • grab, Greg, grim, grog, grub,
    • pram, press, print, prop, 
    • trap, Trent, trim, trot, trust.

Download R-Blends

Set 3 – Initial Consonant Blends with S

  • 5 page PDF
  • 8 blend cards: sc- sk- sl- sn- sp- squ- st- sw-
  • 32 word cards:
    • scab, scan, Scott, scum, scuff,
    • skid, skin, skip, skit, skunk,
    • slap, sled, slid, slob, slug,
    • snag, snip, snug,
    • span, spat, spin, spill, spend,
    • stand, stem, stun,
    • squat, squid, squint,
    • swam, swim, swing.

Download S-Blends

Set 4 – Initial Consonant Blends with W

  • 1 page PDF
  • 2 blend cards: sw- and tw-
  • 8 word cards: swim, swam, swum, swing, swung, twig, twin, twist.

Download W-Blends

Set 5 – Final Consonant Blends -NG

  • 3 page PDF
  • 26 word cards: bang, bring, clang, cling, ding, dong, gong, fang, fling, hang, hung, king, long, lung, ping, pong, ring, rang, rung, sing, sang, song, sung, sting, string, strong

Download -NG Final Blend Cards

Set 6 – Final Consonant Blends -NK

  • 3 page PDF
  • 26 word cards: bank, blank, blink, bunk, clunk, drink, drank, dunk, Frank, honk, ink, junk, link, pink, plank, plonk, rink, sank, sunk, shrink, shrunk, sink, stink, tank, think, wink.

Download -NK Final Blend Cards

Set 7 – 13 More Final Consonant Blends

Phonics Warning! The rebellious little vowel “o” fails to obey some phonics patterns. When followed by -ld or -lt, it makes the long-o sound instead of the short sound its companion vowels make. It may now be a good time to teach the word “exception”.

  • 10 page PDF
  • 13 blend cards: -ft -ld -lf -lp -lt -mp -nd -nt -pt -sk -sp -st and -xt
  • 70 word cards:
    • raft, heft, left, gift, lift, soft, tuft
    • bald, scald, held, weld, gild, old, bold, cold, fold
    • Alf, elf, self, golf, wolf
    • Alps, help, kelp, gulp, pulp,
    • belt, melt, bolt, kilt
    • damp, lamp, camp
    • hand, grand, bend, mend, fond, pond, wind
    • ant, pant, went, tent, bent, dent, sent, hint, mint, lint, tint
    • kept, slept, wept
    • ask, mask, desk, disk, risk, husk
    • crisp, lisp, wisp
    • cast, best, nest, list, lost, must, next

Download Final Consonant Blends – Set 7

Set 8 – Consonant Blends

If you’re looking for just the letters in the blends, not the words containing that blend, this is the set for you. Like all of the sets above, the format is a 3×3 grid that prints 9 cards per page. However, the font is slightly larger and bolder so these cards are more suitable for holding up in front of class or sticking onto the board.

  • 0 word cards
  • 15 final blends: -ft -ld -lf -lp -lt -mp -nd -ng -nk -nt -pt -sk -sp -st -xt
  • 23 initial blends:
    • L-blends: bl- cl- gl- fl- pl- sl-
    • R-blends: br- cr- dr- fr- gr- pr- tr-
    • S-blends: sc- sk- sl- sn- sp- squ- st-
    • W-blends: sw- tw-

Download Consonant Blends (Small)

For even bigger cards, download the medium sized letter blends set. This one prints 2 cards per page (19 page PDF).

Download Consonant Blends (Medium)


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