Adjectives (Set B)

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This set of adjective flashcards contains 34 cards suitable for beginner level adult students or young learners.

Each card shows one picture, but the vocabulary words are paired with their opposite. For example, there is one card for ‘bad’ and one for ‘good’, ‘high’ and ‘low’, ‘easy’ and ‘difficult’, etc. Most of the items being described are simple vocabulary that beginner level students will already be familiar with (pencil, desk, boy, girl, hair, pig). A few of the words might be new: city (or building), ladder, math, glass.

NOTE: Two of the words are duplicated: thin (person, pencil) and ugly (man, woman).

Set of 32 Cards:

  • bad
  • beautiful
  • clean
  • cool
  • difficult
  • dirty
  • dull
  • easy
  • empty
  • fat
  • full
  • geeky
  • good
  • handsome
  • heavy
  • high
  • light
  • long
  • loud
  • low
  • messy
  • new
  • old
  • poor
  • quiet
  • rich
  • sharp
  • short
  • thick
  • thin
  • tidy
  • ugly

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