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Christmas Coloring Pictures

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This set has 27 different black and white Christmas coloring pictures, all great for making greeting cards.

Use Christmas Coloring Pictures to Make a Dictionary

  1. Print out several copies of the small set of pictures.
  2. Cut the pictures into squares.
  3. Have students choose 5 to 10 pictures each.
  4. Let students color their pictures for homework.
  5. Students then glue their pictures into a notebook.
  6. Lower level students can label the pictures. Higher level students can write an example sentence for each word.

Variation: Have students paste their pictures onto a large sheet of red or green paper. Label the images or write sentences. Decorate the classroom with Christmas “dictionary posters” :)

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Set of 17 Cards:

  • Christmas tree
  • Santa
  • angel
  • bell
  • candycane
  • gift
  • gingerbread boy
  • gingerbread girl
  • gingerbread house
  • lights
  • ornament
  • snowman
  • stocking
  • stockings
  • toy bear
  • train
  • wreath

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