Animal Valentine’s Day Cards

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Here are 8 super cute animal Valentine’s Day cards, ready for you to print!

Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to practice writing with your ESL classes. This set of animal valentine cards features adorable little creatures surrounded by hearts. There is enough space on each card for students to fit in a short message to a friend or classmate. With kindergarten students you may want to focus on copying their friends’ names or simply writing “I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD” and colouring the letters 🙂


  • Print cards onto pale pink, purple, or other coloured paper.
  • Print onto card stock to create more durable greeting cards.
  • Let students decorate with stickers or heart-shaped stamps AFTER they write their message.



Animal Valentine’s Day Cards
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Set of 8 Cards:

  • bird
  • dog
  • fish
  • lion
  • mouse
  • tiger
  • turtle
  • whale

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